Branding & web design. Watertight Robotics

Strategic, industrial branding aligned with a game-changing point of difference.

A focus on safety and a desire for better client outcomes lead Fremantle Commercial Diving to disrupt and innovate. The result was Watertight Robotics—globally unique, industry-leading robotic solutions for potable water tank and reservoir cleaning (drinking water). This was a game-changer for clients—Watertight’s robots meant assets could remain online (operational) during cleaning reducing high-cost downtime. With their authentic crux identified, they needed branding. That’s where Crux Creative came in.

The Challenge

Create a brand identity that showcases why Watertight Robotics is the game-changing alternative to all other offerings in the potable water asset cleaning industry. A brand look that resonates with their clients (government utilities, mining, power generation, etc.) and maintains an association with their parent company, Fremantle Commercial Diving.

The Outcome

A strategic  and distinctive brand identity—logo, stationery, PowerPoint template, signage, website, and marketing collateral—that supports Watertight Robotics as game-changing industry leaders in Australian potable water asset cleaning.

Update: Watertight’s early success lead them to specialise in potable water assets and split non-potable (dredging, wastewater, cooling towers, etc.) into a second specialist company—Dredge Robotics. You can read that case study here.

Logo design

Not all logos need to be literal, and we believe most shouldn’t be. However, in the case of Watertight Robotics, literal works. The technology is so unique to their industry, it became one of the key differentiators, and we incorporated this in the logo design—a tracked robotic with suction hoses on the front. To retain a link to Fremantle Commercial Diving, we used the same font and colours.

logo design perth
logo design perth

To design a consistent and authentic brand identity, we extracted parts of the logo as graphic elements. Using the track pattern on the robot, the curve on the head and the angle of the lettering, we created a unique brand look for Watertight Robotics that is reflected in their website design. Overall, the identity feels industrial yet clean to link what they do with their target markets.

“Crux Creative consistently understood the requirements of the project and the target market that we were trying to reach. At every step of the process, Dale produced high-quality options supported by relevant and informed advice. (The hardest part of the process was deciding what options did not make the cut.) Dale is a truly talented brand designer with an excellent comprehension of how to translate talent into targeted branding solutions for different market sectors. We will be utilising Crux Creative for our future design and branding work.”

Jeremy Mathews, Contracts Manager
Fremantle Commercial Diving / Watertight Robotics / Dredge Robotics

Brochure design

To aid business development and marketing efforts, we designed an 8-page capability statement/brochure that highlighted how the crux of their brand benefited to specific industries—eliminating downtime with online potable water asset cleaning. Below shows how the identity elements translated to printed brand and marketing collateral.

Stationery design

Our approach to designing business cards and letterheads is to pare back the visual branding to something practical while still remaining consistent with the overarching look and feel. The stationery for Watertight Robotics is no different.

letterhead business card design perth

Expo graphics and vehicle graphics

Watertight Robotics officially launched at the Ozwater’18 conference and trade exhibition with customised a 9×3 m stand. Crux Creative designed the original graphic panels in collaboration with Barrett Exhibition Group who designed and built the backlit stand. The design was then updated to incorporate Dredge Robotics for the 2021 conference.

The Watertight transport and control trucks provided an excellent opportunity for additional brand awareness on worksites across Australia.