Branding & web design. Dredge Robotics

Branding strategically aligned to a game-changing point of difference in an industrial market.

Sister company to Watertight Robotics, Dredge Robotics specialise in online robotic cleaning solutions for non-potable water assets—i.e. dredging of storage tanks, cooling towers, wastewater ponds, chemical ponds etc. A game-changer for clients, their robotic dredging capability meant assets could remain online (operational) during cleaning eliminating high-cost downtime. With the authentic crux identified, they needed branding. Enter Crux Creative.

The Challenge

Design a brand identity and website that showcases Dredge Robotics as the game-changing alternative to all other offerings in the water asset dredging industry. A brand look that’s appropriate to their operations and resonates with their clients—mining, power generation, government utilities, etc.—while also maintaining a visual association with Watertight Robotics.

The Outcome

A game-changing point of difference—“Clean faster. Clean smarter. Eliminate downtime”—with strategically-aligned branding. In designing the brand identity, we retained the common brand elements (tracks and angles) while emphasising the heavy industrial feel for Dredge Robotics with harsher contrasts, cutting angles and deeper confident colours. Overall, the resulting branding helped position them as leaders in their market.

Logo design

To relate the Dredge Robotics logo to the sister company, Watertight Robotics, we retained the overall styling, tracks and font and used the finer details to set it apart.

The result, a meaner, more industrial robot that aligns with the type of work—cutting through thick mud and wastewater sludge (you’ve got to be tough to get into that sh*te).

watertight robotics logo design crux
logo design perth dredge robotics

Similar to Watertight Robotics, we created an authentic brand identity by extracting logo elements for use in the graphic styling. In the case of the Dredge Robotics website design, we exaggerated the angles used to create harsher contrasts and cuts and used deeper colours for boldness. Overall, the website has a confident, industrial feel that amplifies their authentic crux, expertise and client results.

“Crux Creative is a truly professional and customer-focused company that provided our organisation with relevant and targeted branding for the markets we operate in. Dale understood what we wanted to achieve from the outset and provided guidance to achieve a fantastic outcome that sets our organisation apart in the market. I would have no hesitation in recommending Crux Creative to anyone looking for a quality branding solution.”

Antony Old, Managing Director
Fremantle Commercial Diving / Watertight Robotics / Dredge Robotics

Business card design

Paring back the visual branding to something practical while remaining consistent with the overarching look and feel. That’s how we approach brand design at Crux Creative, and the Dredge Robotics business cards are no different.

As a part of their business development and marketing efforts, we designed an 8-page company profile brochure that presents the crux of the Dredge Robotics brand—eliminating downtime with online robotic cleaning solutions—and their capabilities for specific industries.

Expo graphics

In 2021, Dredge Robotics took a co-branded 9×3 exhibition stand to the Ozwater’21 conference and trade exhibition. Crux Creative updated the design of the original Watertight Robotics graphic panels in collaboration with Barrett Exhibition Group who designed and built the original stand.