Client. Triniteq

Branding aligned with business evolution, a customer-centric approach and a touch of funkiness.

Triniteq brand design website crux creative perth

Dedicated to helping businesses be more profitable, Triniteq evolved from developing Point of Sale (POS) software and hardware to delivering world-class integrated POS systems and business automation solutions across the hospitality and retail industries. This evolution resulted in a misalignment of brand versus branding and Crux Creative was hired to capture their reputation and comprehensive service in the brand identity.

The Challenge

Create a brand identity that aligns with who Triniteq are and what they deliver—an approachable, client-centric partner developing tailored solutions that integrate a trinity of areas: front of house, back of house and online. Branding that sits comfortably with the ever-evolving technology and fast-paced hospitality and retail industries.

The Outcome

A funky yet tempered brand identity design that aligns to their progressive approach to technology, their liveliness of spirit in client interactions, and their adaptability to the fast-paced hospitality and retail industries.

Why did we temper the funk? Because going too funky wouldn’t be authentically aligned and risked the longevity of the identity by being too trendy and therefore, fleeting.

Logo design

Their invention in 2000 (the Waiterpad) inspired the original Triniteq logo where the stroke on the ‘Q’ represented the tip of a stylus. The concept became dated as technology moved on and Triniteq added their online offering.

To align with Triniteq’s positioning at the forefront of their market and the three core aspects of their offering, we reimagined the stylus tip as a spearhead for the new logo. The softness and colouring added some funk and approachability and a carefully-selected font was used to complement the spearhead.

logo rebrand refresh
logo rebrand refresh

Business type icon design

We designed six specific business icons to identify their core client types—Cafés & Restaurants, Wineries, Retail, Bars & Clubs, Stadiums & Arenas, and Franchise & Multi-Site business. The icon designs were literal rather than abstract because the purpose is to increase clarity in the Triniteq web user experience.

business icon design
business icon design

Website design

Designing the Triniteq brand identity was a fun task when it came to the website. The comprehensive offering and broad client based meant we needed to cleanly break up the content as much as was logical to avoid overwhelming the reader. This allowed us to design multiple segments inspired by the angles and softness of the logo that kept the website clean while still adding Triniteq’s unique branding flavour.

web design triniteq perth crux creative
web design triniteq perth crux creative
web design triniteq perth crux creative
mobile responsive web design triniteq perth crux creative

Display banner design

Part of Triniteq’s marketing revolved around hospitality and retail industry events, so we designed a set of portable display banners to showcase their offering. The following are examples of how their branding looks on a signage application.

pop up banner design triniteq