Client. Kelvin Brooks Building

Subtle yet impressionable branding aligned to the essence of this boutique home builder.

Kelvin Brooks Building brand design

Kelvin Brooks, a builder of bespoke, architecturally-detailed homes with over 35 years of experience was starting his own company. Kelvin was clear on how he wanted to operate, the home styles he wanted to build, and the way he wanted to work with his clients. The reputation he built (pun intended) created his brand—he just needed authentic branding to match so engaged Crux Creative.

The Challenge

Create a brand identity that captures the essence of the Kelvin Brooks brand—passion for his craft, collaborative execution, direct communication, and a commitment to excellence.

The Outcome

Architectural detail is sometimes about what isn’t obvious, and that was key a factor in homes Kelvin Brooks builds. For us, subtle detail was a driver in the identity design—strong clean lines, a subtle texture using parts of the logo to reinforce the branding, and layout offsets where space allowed to stand apart from the ‘normal’ way of doing things. The result was an “attractive, unique and easily recognisable” brand look.

Logo design

In designing the Kelvin Brooks logo, we aimed to hit multiple factors relating to his brand. The result is a combination of components—solid, clean lines forming a ‘KB’ to create a confident, architecturally-detailed feel; multiple parallel lines to represent client alignment and collaboration; and a font selection that communicates both experience and modern luxury.

logo deisgn perth
logo design perth

Stationery design

Paring back the visual branding to something practical while remaining consistent with the overarching look and feel. That’s how we approach business card and letterhead design, and Kelvin Brooks was no different—clean lines and subtle detail.

letterhead business card design

Building site signage design

Building site signage had to be tasteful—something with the flavour of the branding that also feels appropriate in front of the architectural homes Kelvin Brooks are building.

signage design builder perth

Most of Kelvin’s clients were coming through architects so the goal for the website was simple—showcase the work they’ve done and provide enough information to instil confidence. In that, we kept the design clean and restrained to align with their niche—the architectural side of the home building industry.

web design laptop mockup kelvin brooks
web design mockup kelvin brooks
web design projects page kelvin brooks building
web design mobile kelvin brooks building

“We worked with Dale from Crux Creative to design an impressionable brand identity for our building company, and we are delighted with the results. Dale was extremely professional, listened to our requirements, and offered guidance where appropriate. He created a logo which reflects the identity of our company, and it has proven to be attractive, unique and easily recognisable. This has been utilised successfully in a variety of applications across print and electronic media.”

Judy Brooks
Kelvin Brooks Building