Branding & web design. Arbor Centre

Evolving a brand identity to align with positioning as approachable, industry-leading arborists.

The Arbor Centre is a best-in-class business that helps people make the right decisions about trees, delivering excellent outcomes for communities and the environment. In collaboration with Paul Clarke from Illumium and the Arbor Centre leadership, Crux Creative tackled the branding and web design portion of their broader business strategy update.

The Challenge

Reimagine the core elements of the original brand identity and move the look away from the slight ‘cottage industry’ feel. The Arbor Centre required a brand look that captured the essence of their business—rich in knowledge, innovative, highly accessible and practical.

The Outcome

A sophisticated brand look and feel strategically-designed to reflect their rich heritage and approachability, represent the Arbor Centre’s all-round expertise in the area of trees (above and below ground), and set them apart as highly knowledgeable industry leaders.

Logo design

As a nod to the Arbor Centre’s legacy, we reimagined an integral part of their previous branding for the new logo. Their ‘Tree and Roots’ graphic was modernised for the new brand mark—we softened the points for an approachable feel and a circular container was used to represent their all-round expertise. The lowercase lettering tempered the authority from the heavy the font, and the earthy grey is a link to their industry.

“Having overhauled the marketing strategy of this highly reputable business and achieved clarity as to the correct market positioning, I then had to entrust someone with both the creative design flair and a real sense of ‘business’ to help deliver a new brand persona and associated materials to support this. Thankfully, I needed to look no further than Dale at Crux Creative, who demonstrated an excellent balance between these two key facets.

Dale is fantastic to work with; thorough, well researched, organised and creative – which is a blend not often found in my experience. When you find someone who is aligned to the standards and calibre that you demand from yourself, you’ll keep going back to continually work with them – which I simply do.”

Paul Clarke, Director

Business card design

To create a consistent identity across all collateral, we started by extracting some logo elements—i.e. the roots and branches to represent their above and below ground expertise. These were applied as subtle graphics across all brand collateral along with four colour squares to represent their divisions, as seen on the business card design below.

Given the extent of what the Arbor Centre do, we created a comprehensive website to highly the services the provide to different sectors. The page examples below highlight how we used the brand identity elements consistently to build familiarity with the brand and avoid eroding credibility.

To aid business development and marketing efforts for their Civic Trees service, a brochure was designed for print and digital use. This concise document presents the Civic Trees offering and benefits to their potential clients.