Work. Logo Showcase

Distinctive logo design expressing the authentic crux of each brand.

logo design

We’d love to give you the context behind the logo designs showcased here, but that would be a tediously long page. So this is all about the visuals.

The Challenge

Every single logo brings a new challenge because it needs to be the simplest expression of a brand’s authentic crux.

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The Outcome

The logos below are the final result—at Crux Creative, we don’t showcase logo designs that our clients don’t select.

Logo design, A–C

Logos we’ve designed for the following businesses:

AMG Pump Rentals  |  Arbor Centre – view case study  |  Auto Clamp |  Blushing Zebra |  Build Pilbara |  Circle Leadership

amg pump rentals logo design
the arbor centre logo design
auto clamp logo design triangle
blushing zebra logo design soundwaves
logo design perth build pilbara wa
logo design perth circle leadership

Logo design, D–O

Logos we’ve created for the following businesses:

Dale Nelson  |  Dave Clare  |  Dredge Robotics – view case study  |  Kelvin Brooks Building – view case study  |  Matt J Hanham |  My Kinship Travel |  Neon Palms  |  OptiRB

logo design perth dave nelson
logo design perth dave clare
logo design perth dredge robotics
logo design perth kelvin brooks
logo design watermark matt j hanham
my kinship travel Brand strategy Logo creation Web design Identity design
neon palms logo design perth
optirb logo design perth

Logo design, P–W

Logos we’ve created for the following businesses:

Pat Rando Homes  |  Polaire Airconditioning  |  ProTippa  |  Studio Scribe  |  Trapdoor Media  |  Trek Ningaloo  |  Triniteq – view case study  |  Unimagined  |  Vicki Coupe  |  Worthi – view case study

logo design pat rando homes perth
logo design polaire perth
logo design protippa perth
logo design tsutdio scribe perth
logo design trapdoor media perth
Brand strategy Logo creation Web design Identity design
logo design triniteq
logo design architecture inimagined
logo deisgn perth vicki coupe
logo deisgn perth