Design Business Bootcamp

We help established branding and web design businesses charge a premium and get paid what they’re worth.


We’re great creatives but we struggle to see the true value we deliver for our clients—so we end up working with businesses that don’t value design. And we’re so afraid of a prospect saying “NO”, we undercharge.

These are common roadblocks for designers. When you’re there, do you find yourself thinking:

“How do I charge more?”

You know your work is good but you feel stuck—you don’t know how to increase your pricing so you do some “research”. Other designers are charging X so you think that’s the market rate. But how do they know the market rate? Is there even a market rate?

“I’m busy but I’m still not making enough money.”

You have clients, plenty of projects and your business is still going—you must be doing something right. But revenue isn’t growing and you’re exhausted. You work ridiculous hours to complete too many projects—those dreaded freelancer hours—just to earn enough to get by. What could you be missing?


“I’m tired of doing the same small projects.”

You feel stagnant. There are better projects out there, and you’ve tried to get them but that’s easier said than done. Other designers are charging 2, 3 and 4 times more and picking up those projects. Do you feel nervous, even powerless, at the thought of attempting the same?

“I ‘d love bigger clients but they’re out of my league.”

Larger businesses, or even just businesses with bigger budgets, feel out of reach. You like helping businesses but you need to move to the next tier of clients. It’s possible, you know it is, but you don’t know where to start and how to truly separate yourself from your competitors.

graphic design coaching session with creatives around a table

The Solution: Design Business Bootcamp

Overcome the common design business challenges, work with better clients with better budgets, earn what you’re worth, and avoid working ridiculous hours so you don’t burn out.

As a brand and web designer, the work you do for a business is significant. You can can add a tonne of value and help owners move the needle on their own business. But most potential clients won’t see that, and we can easily miss the mark on communicating the impact. It’s all about identifying what’s important to them and delivering a solution that solves their pain point.

Design Business Bootcamp is loaded with methodologies and processes that enable designers like you to:

  • Identify and work with better clients in more meaningful ways.
  • Price your projects the right way so you can earn the premium you deserve.
  • Do great branding work that aligns to your client’s business and helps achieve their main goal.

Of course, you can push through the roadblocks on your own. Or you can learn from my 13 years experience, my mistakes, and how I turned it around.

The Bootcamp Model

Pricing & Positioning

Process & Valuing Your Expertise

Process is not positioning but the right process gets results. Couple that with the true value you add and you’ll make it easy for the right clients to say “yes”.

Finding Your Ideal Client

Identify the clients you serve best, learn to diagnose their challenges and offer the right solutions, and position your design business as the one they want work with.

Premium Pricing

Learn to confidently charge what your expertise is truly worth—in my experience, it’s a lot more than you think. No more low budget projects, no more discounting.

Client Attraction

Work Source Strategies

Discover the strategies to cultivate multiple work sources so you’re getting consistent projects and reeling in your ideal clients.

Sales Process

Implement a simple, step-by-step process that takes a prospect from initial enquiry, assessing the fit and price anchoring, through to full diagnosis and scoping, then finally closing the deal.

Maintaining Relationships & Outreach

Learn the processes for reaching out to different work sources that create and maintain good relationships. No slimy sales crap, just good human interaction that leads to good results for everyone.

Clarity & Design

Discovery & Building Trust

Run deep discovery sessions that not only enable you to align your solution to their business needs, but have the added effect of building trust and confidence in your client’s mind making subsequent presentations easier.

Brand Alignment

Level up your design delivery and learn how to take the discovery insights and weave them into a brand identity that truly aligns to your client’s brand and no one else’s while avoiding common mistakes.

Communication & Presentations

Two for one!

  • Better ways to communicate that keep clients happy and your stress levels low. (Let’s be brutally honest, our industry drops the ball on this one more often than not.)
  • Present in a way that makes it easy for your client to say “yes” and avoid vague feedback that leaves you throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Testimonials & Bootcamp Results

Results matter. Here’s what some of our Design Business Bootcamp alumni have achieved:

Kate Smith, Rove Creative

Hear from Kate who through Design Business Bootcamp was able to niche her business into tourism, find her ideal clients, charge what she’s worth, and stay out of part-time work.

Steph Webber, Marmelo Creative

Listen to Steph who was able to leave her part-time corporate job to now work full-time in her design business.

Tong Chen, Chase eDesign

Hear from Tong who generated $35k in 10 weeks whilst increasing his pricing by 250% and working manageable hours.

Who is this for?

Design Business Bootcamp is about taking a good design business and turning into a great one. If your business is checking off these boxes, we want to see you in the program.

  • You’ve been running your business for a minimum of 2 years.
  • You have an existing client base, some of whom are raging fans of your work.
  • You’re under $1 million in revenue but above $80,000.
  • You’re doing website design as part of your service offering.
  • You feel like you’re not charging enough for you work.
  • You’re open-minded and willing to do something new.

This program is not for everyone and numbers are strictly limited. If you’re ready to grow your design business and earn what you’re worth, let’s chat to see if this program is right for you. Take the first step.